ORCID project update

For the ORCID pilot progress meeting on 17th September, each institution had to prepare a single slide and a five minute update on their project. Unfortunately, at last minute I was unable to attend the meeting. Here’s the update I would have given:


Our project has two use cases, and most of our work so far has focused on the first. Many of the processes we put in place for Moving ORCID Upstream will apply to use case two.

Our first use case is about where ORCID sits in our information architecture. At Northumbria we don’t have a CRIS, we have a whole range of different systems that we try to make interoperable. However, the University Library tends to sit at the end of processes of research administration, so when we’ve registered users to ORCID in the past we’ve stored the number in the repository and there hasn’t been much opportunity to share it with other systems. This use case aims to add ORCID at an earlier stage in our systems for recording information about our researchers and also at an earlier stage in the researcher’s career.

The Graduate School have been redeveloping the SITS e:Vision portal so it enables postgraduates to manage their progression and project approvals in a single, streamlined process. As an extension to this, ORCID has been added to the SITS record and registration is a required training activity for all new postgraduate research students. They’re able to do this as a self-directed activity, or they can attend a registration session organised by the library. A major ‘next step’ in our project is carrying this work out during postgraduate inductions in October.

Another big development in our project is our membership of ORCID. Our plan is to continue to encourage researchers to sign up to ORCID themselves, rather than to pursue bulk upload, and to instead look at how we can create a front-end for ORCID registration within our systems, instead of sending the user to another site.

As we have now launched our journal publication platform at http://journals.northumbria.ac.uk/, we’re now in a position to start implementing our second use case, enhancing registration in campus based publishing partnerships. This will involve integrating ORCID registration into submission of articles to our Open Journal Systems platform.


About Ellen Cole

Scholarly Publications Librarian at Northumbria University.
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