Use case one: Moving ORCID upstream

Northumbria’s ORCID pilot project has, so far, focused on use case one, Moving ORCID Upstream. To quickly sum up this use case (there’s more information about this in our project plan), we’re aiming to introduce ORCID registration at an early stage of our postgraduate research students’ time at Northumbria and create fields to store the identifier in the SITS e:Vision portal. As SITS is the central record of student registration at the University, this will enable us to explore options for interoperability with other systems at Northumbria and include ORCID identifiers in the 2014/15 HESA return.

Key deliverables of this use case are:

  • Inclusion of ORCID in the 2014/15 HESA return.
  • A deeper level of interoperability and data exchange across different business systems.
  • Proof of concept that could be extended to academic staff via different business systems, including the HR database.

This use case is relevant to all UK HEIs, particularly those sharing similar or identical enterprise systems. It is linked to existing activities at Northumbria, including the programme of postgraduate research and professional development training coordinated by the Graduate School and delivered with involvement from Research and Business Services and the University Library, and some developments to e:Vision by the Graduate School. This work has primarily focused on creating a single, online process for project approval and progression in the 2014/15 academic year.

The progression process will be included in a designated research tab in e:Vision, where the student will be able to seek project approval, complete forms for the annual progression and see details of their planned and completed professional and research training. It is in this tab that a new task will be added, requiring the student to register for ORCID and to input their ID. This will be complemented by including sign-up sessions and guidance as part of the postgraduate research student induction. Online training will be provided for distance learning and part time students and provision will be made for continuing students to register at their annual progression point.

We are keen to encourage students to sign up for themselves and take ownership of their identifier. Though the purpose of including ORCID in e:Vision is to capture the identifier so it can be transferred to the student record in SITS for institutional purposes, we want the student to be aware of the benefits of ORCID and make use of their identifier. The ID will be prominently displayed to the student in e:Vision and ORCID will continue to be included in the programme of researcher development provided by the University Library’s Research Support team, with assistance available to users from the Scholarly Publications sub-team whenever necessary.

The project team are currently working together to ensure all of the strands of activity (tasks in e:Vision, room bookings for sign-up sessions, online support) are in place for the 2014/15 academic year. Then attention will move to use case two, supporting ORCID registration for authors submitting articles to journals published on an Open Journal Systems platform managed by the University Library. The first journal on this platform, the International Journal of Clinical Legal Education, has recently been relaunched as an Open Access title and will begin accepting submissions in late 2014.


About Ellen Cole

Scholarly Publications Librarian at Northumbria University.
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